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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Well, I can only lay claim to one Irish lass in my family tree (We're mainly English and German), but since hubby has a bit more Irish blood than I do, that definately makes our children of at least part Irish descent, and what a good excuse to make Saint Patrick's Day another memory making learning time for homeschool.

Today, we all searched our wardrobes for something green to wear, and started our school devotions talking about the doctrine of the Trinity and the life of Saint Patrick, who was responsible for converting the whole of Ireland to Christianity. The amazing story of his kidnapping as a child shows God's hand of sovereignty over that part of the world, as well as over Patrick's own life. It's amazing to note too, that it was a missionary from Ireland not long after who God sent to evangelize Scotland!
We watched the docu-drama "Patrick" (available at Koorong) narrated by Liam Neeson. It is meant to be very factual and authentic; and just for fun also watched the old black and white movie "Little Nelly Kelly" with Judy Garland playing both mother and daughter- really sweet and funny.
We don't do a lot of craft, but today made green Celtic Style crosses- the girls did a great job!
Dinner was something the girls will remember for sometime to come: GREEN Shepherd's Pie (The cheese was hidden in the middle) and green jelly for dessert. I usually avoid food colouring where possible, but made an exception for tonight. They eventually ate the pie after reassurance it tasted the same as usual!
So what did you do for St Patrick's Day?
If you are wondering what a photo of Talitha, then aged 4, swimming in my parents' pool has to do with St Patrick's Day- IT DOESN'T!!! I clicked on a picture of a Shamrock! Don't ask me what happened there! But it's a cute slice of life from the Roberts family, so I thought I'd leave it up! Ah Technology!(Grrrr) Blessings to you all.

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