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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zara's Perspective on Theology

I love spending time with my 2 little girls, Talitha 4 & Zara 2, reading Bible Stories, talking about the Lord, praying together & doing memory verses. Like many of you out there, it is my heart's desire that they grow up in the ways of the Lord & want to love Him & serve Him all their days.
One night, not so long ago, I was cuddling little Zara waiting for her to nod off & I said to her , "Is there anything special you'd like to thank Jesus for tonight?".
Very distinctly she replied, "Thank Him for dying on the cross."
I was amazed, especially as she said the same thing a couple of days running. The next time she said it I thought I would Quiz her further.
"Zara," I said,"Why did Jesus die on the cross?". She thought very seriously for a moment & said, "Because He got Standed up!"
It was soooooo hard not to laugh!!!!!!
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