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Friday, July 14, 2006

Simplicity &The Blessings of the Family Meal Table

One of the things that the Lord has been showing me with the children this year is the importance of SIMPLICITY. The gospel of Christ is simple & yet it is so powerful. Our modern age is so complicated & overloaded that beautiful simplicity is often over-run by the latest techno fad.
Earlier this year, we felt to establish the family meal table at least for the evening meal. Amazing things happened:The children became excited by the new routine. They loved each having a turn to pray especially when Daddy was away ministering & they prayed for him too. They started to eat most if not all of the simple, healthy meals I prepared- EVEN THEIR VEGES!!!
The most amazing thing that happened, I felt, was how family communication broke open. I remember one day the girls earlier on had had a minor, but unresolved conflict together in the car. Little Zara had apologized but you could tell it was forced. The atmosphere was so free & easy around the table that Talitha calmly asked her, "Zara, are you sorry for doing......... earlier today?"
Zara answered,"Yes, I am, "Teefa", and I'm sorry I was naughty to you too Mummy."
It was a wonderful moment as natural repentance flowed. It was a lovely evening.

Does anybody else have any family meal table stories to tell?
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In my family everyone sitting at the table together for most meals was fairly regular, it is a tradition I want to continue ofcourse.

At the moments it's just the two of us here but we sit together at breakfast and dinner, hold hands together and pray and then enjoy our meal. And just the fact that we can pray together, which is something I couldn't do at my parents' home makes it very special.

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Hi Claire! It's great to read your thoughts and stories from the everyday life with the kids and the Lord! The family meals are a blessing in our home too, and our Saara just loves the prayer-part of it, too. We're eagerly waiting for her to learn to speak more so that we'll find out what sort of things she's got in mind for us to share. See you soon! Kaisa & co

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