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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Kim- You Asked For It!

Well, it's not the best photo, or a dress-up pic, but I forgot hubby had this in his phone from about a month or so ago. I'm much bigger now at 29 weeks, and while I might not look too large here, I was about this size at full-term with both my girls. I'll post an updated one soon!
If you're wondering how I'm coping with the Queensland heat dressed like this, well I'm not! Since early in the pregnancy I've had to wear an awful white surgical stocking on my right leg, due to broken veins (this is the first time I've ever had this trouble!) After searching our local thrift shops for some lovely empire waisted long dresses, and finding not a one, I've covered it up with maternity slacks for now. I'm thankful our home is airconditioned!!! Ah well, only 7 weeks to go!


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Thank you very much! That's much better! How cute you are, Claire!


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