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Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Happenings at The Roberts Home

Here are some of the things that have brought smiles lately:

- Zara aged 5 making her first ever proper sandwich from scratch with the "homemade" tomato she picked from the garden herself.

-Zara beginning to read and her mighty efforts in learning her times tables.

-Talitha is loving reading aloud, and to practice she is reading a bit from The King James Bible daily. I nearly burst myself with laughter, while she was reading one of the accounts of The Christmas Story and poor Mary ended up being EXPOSED to Joseph instead of ESPOUSED! (Isn't she beautiful?)

-Hubby dear has been collecting as many of the Little House on the Prairie DVDs as he can get his hands on. We are really enjoying laughing and crying over these as a family. I remember growing up with this show. I've also read aloud Little House in the Big Woods to the girls.

- The Twins bring many smiles just by being cute. They are the first thumb-suckers I've had, and I think they're going to like "blankies" like Zara. One of them-Zachary, I think- brought smiles recently by making tuneful baby noises on my lap during hymn singing time with the girls.

We feel truly blessed!

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A truly beautiful smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

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