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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Life is made up of moments...

Am I hungrily savouring the simple beauty in each and every one of them? OR are they being lost and WASTED under the stress of the tryanny of the urgent?

There is beauty in EVERY moment! I want my HEART to learn to capture it! I want the heart of a CHILD like my own children who not only see the raindrop on the leaf, but see the extreme , transient beauty of it, and CELEBRATE it, as a gift from the Saviour, The Creator... before discovering the next one!

We don't need manufactured excitement in our lives, what some call drudgery is really service to the KING OF KINGS!!! I want to revel in this more and more...even when I'm scraping poop off a nappy. To live life with the same joy and hunger my children have... not wasting my moments with stress and distraction.... LIVING IN THE MOMENT... not wishing myself out of it!

EVERY moment we are making a memory for our children... are we singing hymns and rejoicing as we work or sighing and grumbling about the work they make, instead of the joy they are in just being? (GULP!!!!) I am over 40 now, and have discovered that the more children you have, the faster childhood and MOMENTS go, even when you homeschool, and create an atmosphere where childhood is cherished and not programmed by the dictates of popular culture.

I often wish I could freeze frame my childrens' faces in my mind's eye, but if they could do the same with me, would they remember a happy rejoicing Mama, or a grumpy one mostly- maybe I'm not game to ask ... yet...

There is to be no division between the secular and sacred in our Christian walk. I pray my children will notice that I seek to glorify the Lord moment by moment, and that they will grow desiring the same... Some days I think I learn more from them, than they do from me!

When my children and others look me in the eyes, I pray they will see a whole person, not fractured by care or worry or stress, sparkling with the joy of the Lord, as I live out the rest of my life savouring and celebrating the moments!

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