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Monday, June 21, 2010

Requesting Prayer For Max Again

Hi It's 1:22am here, and yes I've just sent my beloved off in the ambulance again. I awoke after little over an hours sleep, to Max sitting up in bed with an approx heart rate of 150 beats per min.He went to the toilet and it jumped into AF in less than a minute. I think it's only been a matter of weeks since his last cardio-inversion.

Please pray as he preppares for his 41st cardio-inversion(Max has adjusted my cardio count- it out by a few in one of my last posts.Please pray God preserves him safely through the procedure again,and for immediate treatment and competant care in the ER- they are usually pretty good, they know him very well!

Please pray also that when he is released either later on tonight or this morning, that it would work out convenient for Max's best mate to collect him for us. We've all had or still have the flu at the moment and I don't really want to wake all 4 children and take them out in the cold or dark.

Will let you know what happens. I need to get some sleep. There'll be no use ringing the hospital for a couple of hours at least

Thankyou for your prayers. Supporting us in prayer at these times is greater than silver or gold.
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