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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wow! I Actually Baked More than 2 Things this Week!

Wow! I actually surprised myself. I really did bake more than 2 things this week. Usually I'll bake a nice cake or something similar on a Friday, as Friday night we host a Bible study at our home, & other than that I'll usually do a batch of cookies or muffins as a treat for Talitha's lunchbox or for us at home. That's the norm for me.

This week I baked a Banana Cake Monday (We had some rather black bananas!), ANZAC biscuits Tuesday, a Lemon Merengue Pie on Friday, & I'm about to finish a 2nd smaller one this afternoon- and do you know what? It didn't really feel like that much hard work at all!!

Does this mean I'm starting to turn into a real-life 1950's housewife?!? Or am I simply finding more pleasure in serving my family & others who happen to Grace our table, and do it cheerfully unto the Lord, as my meagre skills improve? I Know I'm no June Cleaver, but I hope I'm a better Keeper-at -Home , than when I walked down the aisle nearly 7 years ago. At least I've progressed from being a can-opener cook to being able to make quite a few things from scratch, just like my Grandmother did, with the added bonus of electricity! I don't think I'd like to try it on a wood-stove though- hubby would soon tire of burnt offerings all the time!

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