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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easter Family Favourites

These are some of the products we use, or have used to help convey the real meaning of Easter to our children. I'd love to hear your comments & recommendations of what you've used or liked- or not liked for whatever reason, that's important too!

DVD The Donut Man- "The Resurrection Celebration"
From cover: "...The Biblical story finds a firsthand parallel when the plays director Mrs Johnson, needs to be comforted because her husband has just gone home to heaven. This is a great way to communicate to your children the importance of Jesus' death & resurrection in a way they can understand & remember."
I really appreciate the Donut Man- we have quite a few of them& I really like them, despite a lot of people considering them to be old hat. The songs really get into our childrens' hearts & minds & they've been known to break into Donut Man songs, even in the supermarket! I often wonder what has become of the members of the Donut Repair Club- I expect they're all grown up now...

"The Story of Jesus for Children"DVD: We received this as a Christmas present from our childrens' playgroup & it's very effective. The footage is adapted from the 1979 "Jesus"movie,with extra additions from child actors, telling the story from a child's point of view.

"Ben Hur"-cartoon DVD-good times entertainment-I particularly like the scene of Masala's repentance at the end & Charlton Heston's explanation of the story at the start.

"An Easter Carol"- Veggietales DVD. We don't own this, but we hired it last year & I was pleasantly surprised. The story is adapted for Easter from "A Christmas Carol", but instead of ghosts, they have an angel called "Hope"(Rebecca St James). Ebenezer moves from a materialistic view of Easter to discovering the same Christian faith his Grandmother had, & of course becomes a new man- or veggie?!

Book-"The Legend of the Easter Egg"-by Lori Walburg. We have the shorter board book & have had it since Talitha was little. Both the girls love the old-fashioned illustrations.

Book-"The Easter Story"- a Ladybird Bible Book-Text by Scripture Union- a great op-shop find!

Question for YOU! What are your thoughts on the Disney Narnia movie, with regards to explaining Easter?

We believe our children are too young to watch it at this point- maybe 9 or 10 would be more appropriate. We have the DVD, I've seen it twice myself, but my husband is yet to watch it & give his opinion.Although I believe the scene with the death & resurrection of Aslan is very moving & powerful-the bit where the demon pulled his mane out brought tears to my eyes, I'm still very disturbed about the mythological imagery in other parts of the movie, especially the similarity between Mr Tumnus & Pan & the references to Bacchas. I posted once before on concerns I had about some CS Lewis stuff(even though he was quite brilliant) & some of the imagery in Narnia.
Maybe we'll only use parts of the movie, when our children are older-What do you think???

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Hey this is really nice to read..and great to see that people are getting excited about Easter...and to share some more of this wonderful spirit just drop by my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

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