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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mummy's Little Helper Girl

I' ve had a wonderful morning with my 2 beautiful girls. It was my turn this morning to do the school run-such a lovely drive, & I love that extra time spent with Talitha.
Once home, I went into busy gear, as Friday night we host a Bible Study at our home, which we really enjoy preparing for. I baked a Lemon Cake, while Zara happily played gardening outside.
When she came in and got cleaned up, she was eager to work by my side & lend a hand where needed. Together we collected the mail for our neighbour, hung out a BIG load of washing & her favourite job- helping Mama wash/rinse dishes. I so enjoyed her company this morning. At 3 she's well on the way to being a great little "Keeper At Home in Training"!
What a blessing!

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posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 12:29 pm


Hi Claire,
I love reading these posts of yours, I find them so precious. May the Lord bless you richly through both your little helpers!!

10:14 am  

Great to hear from you again, Sarah.Glad to read your move went so smoothly & that you're all happily settled in your new place-God is good!

8:35 pm  

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