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Sunday, October 28, 2007

You Can't Blame a Little Girl for Trying!!

Little Miss 5 and I were recently having a disagreement and she was desparate to turn Mama's "No" into a "Yes".

"No, Darling."

"But you have to say Yes- God told me to!"

"Oh, really. That's very interesting... He didn't tell me."

"That's because you were listening to God the Son. I was listening to God the Father!"

Before you start questioning our theological leanings, don't worry, we are Trinitarians and Miss 5 and Miss 3 are both well schooled in how God is 3 in 1. But don't let that innocent smile fool you! It's now on record that our clever little girl will even try to missuse Scripture to get her own way!

Here is our little Talitha dressed as "Mary Had a Little Lamb", at a Nursery Rhyme dress-up day at school earlier this year.

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