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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where We've Been...

We're back home now after going back and forth between my parents' place and our local hospital for the last couple of days.

Our daughter, Talitha came down quite sick on Sunday, and ended up being admitted to the hospital Sunday night with a viral pneumonia.

We were just as shocked as everybody else, as it took hold so quickly. She had a slightly sniffly nose since Friday, but played normally and ran around as usual. Sunday morning, as we were getting ready for church, she started to complain of a sore belly, so I grabbed an ice cream container to take with us "just in case". She fell asleep on my lap in Church and vomited after lunch while we were at my Mum and Dad's place. A couple of vomits later, we were wondering if she had picked up a gastro bug. She got worse towards evening and we became concerned, as her chest was really starting to heave with her breathing.

None of the doctors surgeries were open at that time, so just to be sure hubby took her down to the Emergency section of the hospital, as it's only a few minutes away from my parents. They were there all night. A couple of phone calls later, confirmed Zara & I would be staying at Mum and Dad's that night and the next.

The hospital was great and looked after her wonderfully. With a playroom and free individual pay TV's she was set for a happy stay!! They even had inhouse school teachers visiting the children, and doing crafts or schoolwork with them. The Chaplain put her on the prayer list and gave her a lovely Teddy Bear and a toy for Zara as well.

We brought her home today and she's full of energy again! We'd like to thank our friends and her school for lifting her and us up in prayer over the last couple of days. Prayer works!! Thankyou with all our hearts!!


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Hi Claire,

what an event! Glad to hear that Talitha is back to normal and doing well as you all.

Blessings, Kaisa

10:55 pm  

How scary! I hope she is back to normal.

3:11 am  

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