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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wiped Out

Sorry for the lack of fresh blog articles this last couple of weeks, we've been caught up on the sickness bandwagon, thanks to a nasty flu bug that had been circulating our daughter's school community for a while.

Our eldest daughter fell sick and feverish first. Three days later, she was basically over it, but Yours Truly picked it up and it thought it might stay a while. And it truly wiped me out. I fell ill on Tuesday, felt slightly better Friday morning, so I decided to cancell plans to go to the Doctor: Very Bad Decision. In the meantime, Zara caught it too, so I was trying to look after her as well. Thankfully children are very resilient, and after a few doses of Panadol( which we rarely use) Zara's fever had gone.

Anyway Friday night, I went downhill again, very listless, feverish and the following evening, hubby took me straight to the hospital (along with our elder daughter, who caught a touch of it again off me!). They put me on a drip and after finding my blood pressure was only 95 over 45, ordered another. Then I caused a commotion by nearly fainting on the way to the toilet!

Hubby had already taken both our children to stay at my Mum and Dad's for the night, and we both finally joined them at nearly 2 in the morning. They all went to Church, next morning leaving me at my parent's place to recuperate till they joined me after lunch.

It had been a long time since I'd missed a Lord's day at church, so that felt a bit weird, but I was so grateful for the rest and prayers from family and friends. I'm on the mend now, back getting our home in order again, and really looking forward to the Christmas season.


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