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Saturday, October 25, 2008


If you are awake, and you read this, please pray for my husband Max. It is 3:28 am here, and I've not long sent him off in the ambulance again. He awoke about 2;2o am, believing to be in AF- his heart rate was 180 beats per minute.

Please pray for competency for the ambulance team- they were late getting here and late leaving, and seemed to think Max wasn't in AF but had a ventrical problem, and yet his symptoms seemed the same.

Please pray for competency with the Emergency team and that they listen to Max and check his chart thoroughly and for God's protection over him as he undergoes what will be his 26th cardio-inversion- I think- I've lost count...

Please pray for me as I attempt to get a couple of hours sleep before I ring ER for an update about 6 am. I was very calm dealing with the emergency when Max was here, please pray this continues for the sake of the twins- I'm 31 weeks along now and the last thing I need is to Stress. The last time this happened I woke up a few hours later with stomach cramps from delayed stress- I don't need that at this stage of the pregnancy.

Please pray our dear girls sleep till morning, and that we get away to the hospital soon after breakfast.

Thankyou for your prayers- I'll update when I know more. I'm going to try to sleep now.

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