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Monday, April 20, 2009

Delight in the Creation, Worship our Maker

This simple poem was given to us by friends this Easter season. It is good to remember all year round. May we with the simple faith of a child, delight in the real things of this world- not the hurry and flurry of materialism and consumerism- but the real things- the joys of Creation, and may each thought draw us closer to the Creator, who loved us enough to die in our place for our sins...
Lord, You have risen forever
In my heart!
May the sunrise
Remind me to shine in Your light.
May the caress of a gentle breeze
Remind me of your compassion.
May the fragrance of a flower
Remind me to blossom in Your love.
May the singing of birds
Bring a song of joy to my lips.
And in the closing of each day
May I remember to quietly pray.
Wherever I am, whatever I do
May my thoughts in joy return to you!

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