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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Boys at One!

Well, our little men turned one last week, and we had a small family celebration at my parents' place on Sunday after Church- of course they got to try one of Mama's home made cakes for the first time!

Zachary and Christopher- What smart little tykes you are! Christopher (the youngest) was the first to master crawling and walking, with Zachary slightly behind, but little Zachy was the first to figure out how things open, that they are not allowed to touch! He's a thinker, our Zachary.

Here's a funny story: Zachary discovered how to open our refrigerator, so we are always listening for that sound. One day I heard it... snuck up behind him and said firmly ZACHARY ELIJAH ROBERTS!!! He dropped to his knees, and hid his eyes behind his hands ( like when he plays peekaboo), thinking he was hiding from me! Of course it immediately reminded me of Adam hiding from God in the garden. It illustrated so beautifully how silly it is to think you can hide from Almighty God!

Sorry no photos today- hopefully in the near future.


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