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Monday, June 21, 2010

Waiting For Max to Arrive Home

Just a quick note to let you all know that Max is OK.He actually ended up having 2 cardio-inversions last night, separately. The first one was already done by 3am. when I rang, and they told me he was stable, but that after the procedure his heart jumped back out again into a slow uneven rhythm.THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.They were at the time waiting for the consultant to decide whether or not to repeat the sedation and cardio-inversion. By the time I rang just after six am this morning, it was done successfully and Max was ready to be picked up.

What a night! I think I've had about 3 hours broken sleep. Thankfully we are starting 2 weeks of school holidays today. My beloved has just walked in the door! That's the best sound in the world, when you've had a night like mine!!!

Thankyou for your prayers!
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will be praying for you and your family . I am so glad you enjoyed my post about granny's house coat. I love your blog - The music just lifted my spirit :)I will for sure keep in touch. Have a great night, Melissa

12:39 pm  

Thankyou for visiting, Melissa, and for your prayers.

Max actually has a good quality life, despite being born with 3 rare heart defects, any 1 of which that can drammattically shorten one's life. The medicos can't believe he is 45, has never had surgery, and travells overseas to preach the Gospel, ending up in hospital goodness knows where- and comes out alive to preach again.

Now that he's had so many cardio-inversions, they are going to discuss whether or not it would be wise to have him fitted with a defibbulator, or to carry on as we are.


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