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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mary Jones & Her Bible

I have just finished reading aloud the classic true life story of "Mary Jones & Her Bible" (published by Christian Focus), to Talitha & Zara. They really enjoyed it. It has long been a favouite of mine. I get so inspired by that little girl's courage & determination, her devotion to her family & of course that long barefoot walk to secure her beloved Bible.

Mary truly recognized & sought the "pearl of great price". As she diligently worked & saved her pennies, there must have been many other things, even in those days-like hair ribbons or even nice fabric for new clothes- that she could have spent that money on, but nothing swayed her. Her heart was fixed-undivided.

It got me thinking of the affluent life that even the poorer of people in the Western World live today & how distracting it can be with all the choices we have. Mary learnt what it was to sacrifice as she saved her pennies 6 years for her Bible, & from then on saved every little penny she really didn't need, to give to 2 other Bible Societies,so that others could have the Bread of Life.

May we all learn to be more like Mary & have eyes to discern what is truly important from what is not.
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