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Sunday, October 22, 2006

God's Provision

We will be moving house in the next month, as our rental home has been sold & the new owners will be wanting to occupy the house.

Here is an amazing testimony of how God has gone before us & has our new home ready & waiting for us.

Rental accomodation is very hard to come by on the whole of South East Queensland where we live.Few are advertised with many applying for those homes, with prices ranging from an average of $250- $400+ AUD. We were praying for a house $240 maximium, bigger than our current very tiny house & with a bath-tub.

I was talking with a Christian friend recently, whose family had also been praying for new accomodation. They had just found a place & were preparing to move.

She asked what we needed & I said more space inside the house & a bath-tub for the children. She told me of a private rental, she had found through a church contact, that they didn't need, as they'd been accepted elsewhere the day before. We had a look at the outside of the house & we were quite excited, as it was in our favourite part of the coast & very similar to a house I had dreamed about a few months before ( 1970's-80's colours & very big). There is heaps of storage space, air conditioning, & a bath! What really amazed me was that I knew the owner through my parents! We will be paying $ 190 per week!

Praise the Lord! God owns the cattle on the thousand hills & is our provider no matter what our income is. Don't be afraid to take your needs to His throne of grace. He will truly meet you there.
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God is soo good! I love testimonies like this. :-)

1:49 pm  

Praise the Lord, that is encouraging to read!!

We also (mom, brother and I) are moving two weeks from now. The Lord found us a perfect house for the three. No more little appartment.

9:00 am  

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