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Monday, October 09, 2006

Fresh Produce

How I love fresh produce!! We now have a fridge full of fresh fruit & veges. We went out to a local market as a family outing on Saturday morning & came back with 2 big boxes of fruit & veg for $10 per box (AUD). Bargain!!

I'm blessed to have a husband who LOVES to shop!! When he's not overseas, he does all our food shopping. I call him my "hunter & gatherer". In some ways it's harder for me to meal plan this way, but at least he is buying what he would like ( as well as what we would like), & I try to plan around the fresh stuff first-this is forcing me to become more flexible, something that doesn't come easily to me, but is essential for me to learn to become a better wife & Mother. I wish I could say that nothing gets wasted , but I'm not quite there yet. I've learned to stew fruit that is on the way out, either to put in a pie or to have as dessert with icecream or custard.

There are skills my Grandmothers used & took for granted that would be scoffed at by today's instant-microwave society.They wasted nothing. I still need to improve in this area.

I'm looking forward to eating fresh stuff all day today. Must go & plan dinner for tonight.See Ya!
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Claire, you made me laugh!! I'm teaching myself to eat more fruit, but veggies, I already love. Veggies go wih all my meals almost every day.

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