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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Back Baking Again!

After drifting into slackness in the baking department for a while, I'm back at it again!

Since we married nearly 6 years ago, we've rarely bought cakes & biscuits, unless they've bakery items reduced for quick sale. I'm not a fancy cook. I enjoy making cakes & biscuits/cookies for hubby & the girls. I'm finally getting better at pastries & can now make a Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch that actually looks like one! When we used to live up in the mountains, the scrub turkeys grew fat on my failures!

I'm now committing myself to making Monday mornings my bake time.To make up for lost time I baked twice this week- choc-chip cookies & an apple pie (over-cooked the apple, but they are improving & even my failures taste better than the store-bought stuff.)

It saves so much money to home bake & is so satisfying to make "something out of nothing"- or generic brand flour.

The 2 things I love most about baking is wearing an apron, like my grandmothers did, & the fact that my daughters know they can only get Mummy's Cookies AT HOME-the best place to be!
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oh yum, lemon meringue pie is actually my Pastor's favorite desert. You got me at apple pie and chocolate chip cookies! Baking is a lot of fun. I think I enjoy it more than cooking since baking can get very creative (and messy, I admit) :) This post made me hungry :)

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