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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Summer Holiday Reading

How lovely it is to have extra time with family over the holidays, to enjoy the beauty of the written word.

My husband has started reading "George Whitfield"by Arnold Dallimore- an old favourite of mine.

I'm currently rediscovering the beauties of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"-by Harriet Beecher Stowe. The characters come alive & I particularly love classic novels that extol the virtues of Christian life in another time. I miss the classics & may reread "Pilgrims Progress" & "Little Women" again next. I've also been lent a copy of The Westminster Confession of Faith which I'm also perusing.

My husband & I have long been "friends" with "Anne of Green Gables" & have decided it's time to introduce her to our daughters, so we've begun reading aloud the first Anne book & will continue with the series, depending on how we go.

I would encourage every parent to spend time reading aloud to your children. It's so much more beneficial than TV time. (TV watching involves passive imagination- listening to stories without much visual imagery involves active imagination as the child employs brain power to comprehend the words & put them into picture form in their minds themselves.)

I would also encourage parents to read GOOD books to their children. A lot of stuff on the market today is just chewing gum for the mind & a lot of the illustrations in modern books are gross. Do a google search on 100 or 1000 great books or check out www.triviumpursuit.com for some great ideas to get you started. Great books are often found gathering dust in op-shops & 2nd hand bookshops. Disney stuff can be fun once in a while but really they are not very well written. Good books will help enlarge your child's vocabulary & comprehension.

Have I got you excited? What are you & yours reading at the moment?
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I love reading, but lately I find myself not having the time to pick up a good book and read. Your post made me miss reading!!

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