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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Effects of Fantasy- Part 4

Fantasy-It's Not Just Child's Play...

Adults watch in amazement as children recreate the world around them- through play. For children, play is not merely "having fun" but the method by which they gather information about the world around them. By playing, a child alone or with friends, uses toys & games to orientate himself to the world around him & rehearse adult roles.

Play is very important. It should be regarded as part of the "habit training & character building" phase of a child's life. Plus, children tend to learn more effectively when doing something enjoyable than by forced learning. Since play is an activity that children enjoy, it does have an effect on their views of the world.

Parents can influence how a child views the world by choosing toys that can help their child grow & learn. Toys need to be selected with care, because they effect the thinking process. (A good example here can be taken from one of my previous fantasy article where I wrote on Barbie & Bratz dolls.) Also toys that bring fear to a child should be avoided. Children should be encouraged to play with dolls, soft animals, & to act out different situations, because this allows children to imitate the adults around them- usually their parents.

Toys should help promote a wholesome personality. They should reinforce- not contradict- the positive values we are trying to instill in them- think Phillipians 4:8. Good toys should meet the following criteria: suited to the child in size & form, be educational as well as fun, help the child gain some competence for living in the world, promote good relationships with people, & arouse wonderment, imagination & creativity in the child.

I hope this information helps you understand more the role of play in the life of your child.
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