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Monday, July 30, 2007

Bindi Irwin's 9th Birthday Party

As you may have seen on the news, last Tuesday was Bindi Irwin's 9th Birthday, and in the usual Australia Zoo tradition, it was a grand event with all children FREE!

Hubby thought it was a great reason for a Daddy & Daughters day out, & it was greatly anticipated by both our girls, especially Talitha, who got a day off school! While not an official public holiday, many children from all over the Sunshine Coast often go, as it is a much more economical way to enjoy the Australia Zoo experience and the Irwins are like the Royal Family of the Sunshine Coast.

Talitha & Zara had a ball! with both girls getting to hug Bindi & wish her Happy Birthday (Talitha twice!). Talitha got Terri's autograph, Zara had a pony ride & they enjoyed some of the extra events schedualed for the birthday- that is except for the Aussie rock group , The Veronicas!

The music started while they were seated in the grand stand & Talitha covered her ears & said, "This music is yucky! I don't want to hear The MORONICAS!! & yes I'm serious she really did say this!! Our girls have good taste in music!! They escaped & headed out for lunch, where they rang me to give an update.

Anyway apart from the music, a good time was had by all. The picture of Bindi was taken by my hubby, as she was making candles.

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