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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our Inaugural Service at Fathers House

The Lord be praised! Today we had our inaugural church service at Fathers House! After a lot of prayer & seeking the Lord for His will for our lives, & weeks of eager planning, we have finally opened a non-denominational, community minded, Christ-centred , Word-based Church.

This has been a huge step of faith for us, as a family, but God has proven Himself faithful yet again, & has greatly encouraged us.

We have plans to outreach to the poor in the community, do voluntary community service as a congregation, preach repentance & Grace to the sinner, & have longer term plans for a kids club & youth group.

If you love reverent worship, triumphant hymns & caring Christian fellowship, we meet at 10 am Sundays in the Mapleton Hall on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. For further details go to www.abbagrace.com/fhc.html.

My husband is a passionate preacher with a genuine heart for the lost & needy. He has preached extensively in Malaysia, & it's a real joy to be able to sit under his teaching myself, on a regular basis. His ministry under Christ, will be a great blessing to the people of the Sunshine Coast.
For all of my readers overseas, we would really appreciate your prayers for this ministry, very soon on the website, we will have pictures & other information to show you what we're up to. And of course, if you're planning a holiday downunder, especially to sunny Queensland, drop in for a visit & some fellowship. The Blackall Range, where Mapleton is situated, is one of the most beautiful places as well as one of the top tourist strips on the Sunshine Coast.


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Congratulations, Claire. That is wonderful news, praise the Lord! I know Australia is far, but if I ever visit (which I would love to), I'll be sure to attend your services.

Keep up the good work you are doing for Christ!!

2:05 am  

Congratulations! How very exciting. I pray that you will be an effective tool for God's work. Keep us posted on your progress.

3:08 am  

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