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Monday, July 16, 2007

Angels With Paper Wings

We've not long finished schoolholidays & it was such a delight to have Talitha home with us every day for 2 weeks, now she is back at school, Zara is missing her already, but this past saturday, they had a wonderful time playing together.

We'd promised to take them to see the Flaxton Minature Village, if they were good- and they were. They were both dressed up in pink dresses with long sleeves underneath to go out, & imaginations flowing freely, they discovered if they tucked paper napkins into the back of their dresses near the sleeve hole, they could have angel wings!! And "fly" they did, pretty visions in pink & white. One of Talitha's wings fell off & she decided to be an Aussie Mozzie for a while & then experimented turning some of her rag dolls & teddy bears into angels too!

How glad I am that we don't buy our children many of the things we see in toy catalogues- everything is so commercialized. I agree ( & so do our girls) with Anne of Green Gables that there's more scope for the imagination without them...

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I'm glad you all had a wonderful time together over the school holiday. Children are wonderful, aren't they?

I agree about there not being any scope for imagination in many of the toys on the market. Hannah is getting dress up clothes and puzzles for her birthday that's coming up soon.

I found it funny that you should mention Anne of Green Gables because I am currently re-reading the series. I'm on book #4, Anne of Windy Poplars right now. :)

1:28 am  

I'm finding so many "Anne" fans among Christian women online!
I'm currently reading Anne of Green Gables to our girls- Talitha is getting the most out of it. It's slow going, but lot's of fun, especially for Mum, who knows what's coming up next!

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