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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Good Laugh from a Little Girl with a Big Heart

Our little Talitha, aged 5 , had hubby & I in stitches yesterday. Already, she is very missions-minded, with a great desire that people from all nations, tribes & tongues would come to know the living Christ. She loves looking at library books about children from different cultures & is fascinated by those of different ethnic background. If you asked her who her favourite Hi-5 presenter is, she would say Kathleen, because she's Asian. If you showed her a range of baby dolls of different skin-tone & asked her favourites, she would pick the Hispanic or African ones.

As all little girls are, she also loves wedding pictures. We have a magazine liftout on Royal Weddings from around the world, including the British & European Royals, Japanese & Jordan royals. She adores this booklet & was showing it to her Daddy yesterday, pointed to a lovely picture of the Jordanian Royals & said, "Look! These people are bosums!" He questioned her again & she repeated firmly that they were bosums. He brought her to me, trying to shed light on her strange statement. We explained what bosums were & that they were not people. And then suddenly it clicked- They were Muslims!! In Australia we pronounce it M-oos-lim, if you are wondering. We quickly corrected her.

It was a very funny moment, but more than that we are pleased for the genuine love & interest she has in people the world over.

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