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Friday, August 24, 2007

Stay at Home Mum's DO Contribute to Society!!!

I felt compelled to write this after seeing a story on our local news last night about a meeting between employers and mothers,who are preparing to re-enter the workforce. One mother said that she had been doing "the hardest job in the world" for 10 years, and now "was ready to make a contribution to society."

This riled me!! While I have nothing against the woman who made the statement,the modern mindset behind the comment that unless a woman is working outside of the home, then she is not contributing to society, really upset me, as a stay-at-home-mum of two. Feminism really has a lot to answer for!!

I believe that the "hardest job in the world" is also the most beautiful, most fulfilling, most challenging and most self-denying.Imparting wisdom to the next generation is no mean feat, especially when it produces noble,God-fearing, conscientious, community-minded citizens of the future!

The stay-at-home wife and or Mother is the heart-beat of the home.She is always there for her family, providing stability, routine and comfort for her family.She is there to cope immediately with the bad day at school for a hurting child.

The home-schooling Mum does society an extra favour of saving thousands of tax-payer dollars, through not using public education.

She is there with a cake and a cuppa for the lonely widow next door.(How many news stories have we heard lately about the elderly passing away in a lonely neighbourhood and no-one knowing for weeks!)

She forsakes the opportunity of a full-time job, leaving it open for a Dad to support his family.

What she lacks in money, she makes up for in thrift and industry.When you have more time to shop, not only shopping to save dollars, you have more time to consider such issues as buying Australian and environmentally friendly products, thus helping support our future society.

Instead of pursuing the Almighty Dollar, a Mum of older children may consider a day per week given to community service, or church work.

And as I've blogged about before, we need stay-at-home-mums to be there, to show other mum's who are tearing their hair out, what to do, and help them get through the tough days, and discover the joy in the journey.

Are you a Stay-at Home-Mum? Perhaps you can help add to my list, and help dignify one of the most beautiful and important professions for women!! We are not appendages to middle-aged men! (Despite what a certain politician said recently!)

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