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Monday, January 14, 2008

Changes at the House in the Hills

I've been too busy with life this past week to have enough time to update my blog!

We are going through a growing time in our home in the hills and changes are afoot! Zara turned 4 on the 5th of January, and has now graduated from her Grow Years cot with the side off, to a lovely wrought iron and wooden single bed- a garage sale find for $10 AUD! It's beautiful- but she looks so tiny in it!

Changing the girls' room around, meant finding another spot for the cot, as you never know if God's got more blessings for you at 40 or not, and it is now residing( crammed in to tell the truth!) in the girls' playroom to be used as extra seating and a daybed for Zara on days when she needs a nap.

We need to do work in the playroom to accomodate more changes too- we are homeschooling Talitha from the end of the month, and are going to create a homeschool/sewing corner in there. There is some stuff in there which we will be moving downstairs for our next garage sale, and everything else will have to be rearranged. We will be putting in the corner for the sewing machine and homeschool storage, a wooden right-angled cupboard we got for free! Yes-free! We were driving past someone's place, saw it in their front yard where they were cleaning up, and asked-They were throwing it out!!- We are currently storing it at my parents' house until the big change over.

As for the sewing part, I learned properly in high school, but that was over 20 years ago! I'm taking some refresher lessons from our lovely neighbour, Pat, on her machine- it's nice to know I can still sew a straight line!, and am proudly bringing back items I've machine mended from our mending bag. It's quite exciting to be able to move things from the mending pile, to the ironing pile, and back into the girls' or hubby's wardrobe. I want to be able to sew basic modest skirts for myself and dresses for the girls as they get older. It will save us a lot of money, and will supplement our op-shopping bargains. It's all quite exciting!

What changes is the New Year bringing your way?

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