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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Neighbours

I know a lot of folks these days who say that good neighbours are as rare as hen's teeth, especially in these modern times of high fences and wild parties- but we are truly blessed!

Not only have we a comfortable home with cheap rent in a lovely area, many of our near neighbours are committed Christians too!

Last Sunday, we stopped home after Church to unpack the Church gear and to grab our lunch before heading off again. I made a mental note to rush out and grab the washing in off the line from the day before, as a lot of our daughters' bedding was out there and we've had very sudden showers of late. I looked out the laundry window- NO WASHING!?!

I quickly popped into our neighbour Pat's to see if she knew anything about it and- Bless her heart!- she had gotten the lot in and folded it as she could see rain coming. What a Saint! She is such a blessing to us, giving me weekly sewing lessons and even offering to tumble dry our wet washing during rainy weeks.

Good neighbours are hard to find these days- we are so thankful. Are any of your neighbours an especial blessing to you?

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We have some wonderful neighbors as well. They were especially kind to us when we had our daughter.


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