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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things You Hear When You're Pregnant at 40

-"Yah!!! Mummy's got a baby in her tummy!" (This was shouted triumphantly at all our neighbours the day after we found out, by our darling girls.)

-Zara "When the baby comes out, I'll wipe your dishes, do your washing, change its nappies and give it a bottle" Bless her heart- she's 4!


- You're not, are you?

- Was it an accident? (No, it wasn't. It was a much wanted gift from God.)

- Oh no- didn't she nearly die last time?? (Well yes, but God spared my life. Thankyou for your heartfelt concern, but we are believing in faith for a healthy Mum and baby. Please be a PRAYER WARRIOR instead of a worrier. Prayers are greatly appreciated. We are believing for a triumphant testimony.)

-Poor Max with his heart condition! How will he manage 3!!

- Praise the Lord! He has granted you new life!!! (I liked this last one!)

- I read on the net the other day that Michelle Dugger is expecting her 18th child at 41! We are just as excited with our 3rd, as they are with their 18th, and they are excited. Every conception is a gift from God, and a reason to rejoice!!


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Congratulations! What an awesome gift you are being given!

4:01 am  

There is nothing in the world like motherhood, is there? Congratulations! I've been enjoying your blog here in Nebraska!

2:54 pm  

Congratulations on a new blessing on the way!! How exciting!! I found your blog through my dear friend Bryant's blog.

How wonderful that the Lord is blessing you with another baby!! So many people are so worried with the pregnancies of mothers above 40, but God takes care of pregnant ladies young and old!! My mother herself has had three babies since she turned 40 with few complications and a healthy baby each time. So once again, congratultions and my prayers for a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy baby-- I rejoice with you!
I'll be visiting your blog again!
God Bless You and your family!!
~Elizabeth Ulmer

5:42 am  

Congratulations! New life is always exciting!

My mom had me when she was 40, and she had my sister Jubilee when she was 45. There were no complications with us - in fact, we were her only two born at home, and she said they were two of the easiest births. If she hadn't had us at such "old" (not really!) ages, my parents would currently have no children left at home. I can't imagine life without my little sister!

11:19 pm  

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