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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!!!

It's 3 am here. My husband has just left in the ambulance to go to hospital for what will be his 24th Cardioinversion. He jumped up suddenly just before 2.30 and realised his heart was ticking into A.F.
-Please pray for a safe & speedy trip to hospital.
-That the medical staff will listen to Max and check his Chart and confidently follow the instructions.
-Pray that the procedure will be successful and that Max will be kept safe-yet again- by God's grace. He will need amiodorone to stabilise him on arrival, then once stable they should cardio-invert him.

I will phone the hospital for an update about 6 or 7am. Then, once the girls are awake and fed, we will go down there. This is our normal procedure. It's maybe only just over a month since this last happened. Then it was triggered by hornet stings, this time we don't know.

Thank you for praying.
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