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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Double Blessing!!!!!

What life-altering news we received today! I had my very first ultra-sound for my current pregnancy today, fully expecting that because of my size, our baby would be coming in November instead of December. My earlier blood test indictated higher levels than normal, and the doctor said that usually meant an earlier due date. She was wrong.

The lady working the ultrasound, said "You're due around the 27th December, the reason you're so big is because there's 2 in there!"

I started laughing almost in disbelief. WE ARE HAVING TWINS!!!!!!- Probably a bit earlier, as I'll need a ceaserean.

God is so amazing!! My Prince Charming didn't come along till I was into my 30's, and we always said we'd like 4 children. To cut a long story short, I didn't know when I conceived Talitha my first child, that my uterus was riddled with giant fibroids, neither did I know that they can make conception very difficult. Unfortunately, my fibroids were the rare kind that could grow along with the baby and also degenerate during pregnancy causing severe pain, and frequent hospitalization over 9 months for pain relief. Talitha ended up stuck in a breech surrounded by these lumps, and was ceasered at 38 weeks- she was perfect.

After much prayer, my hubby and I decided to take the risk of having them cut out a year later (I had 10) , so we could have more children without any complications. I fell pregnant immediately (another miracle), and had Zara less than a year later. Unfortunately, she didn't wait for the surgery date, and was born via a very rapid totally dry birth(mind you, the labour was easy!), leaving me with terrible birth injuries and about 50 stitches inside and out. I nearly died from massive blood loss, but the good news was that my uterus scars remained intact. Unfortunately, it meant that any future births would have to be ceasers. Many people thought I wouldn't try again, but I felt that God wasn't finished with our family, and while I didn't want to wait 4 years, I had to wait for the dizzy spells to stop, which were a result of the haemmorrage leaving me with very low blood pressure.

Eventually without medication, my blood pressure started to come up again, and it is now just below normal.

I am now 40 and expecting twins- another miracle- I've never been on IVF and my surgical history deems this close to an impossibility. My husband decided that this pregnancy would be my last, as our hospitals over here don't like to perform any more than 3 cuts. (Of course if God intervened and I fell pregnant again, then we would refuse a termination, and accept the risk of another cut.) I thought I would only be having 3 children- now God is granting us the 4 we desired.

I just want to encourage you, if you've had to take the surgical route, or if you've had problems with your uterus- don't underestimate God, who knows the desires of your heart, and can still work miracles today.

Glory to His Name!!!!!

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posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 7:38 pm


I am just SO excited to hear the news you shared with me on my blog that I HAD to stop over here and congratulate you one more time. This is such WONDERFUL news! I am also very VERY excited to hear the excitement in your post, often people expecting twins gasp in horror at all the work that will be required.

Frankly, I am still hoping for a similar result on my upcoming ultrasound, but I would still be satisfied with ONE baby and a due date pushed up by a month. I might get the blues if it is neither of those things though...

Congratulations again!

10:21 pm  

God bless you! This is such a blessing (double)!!
what wonderful news and praise God!


11:38 pm  

What wonderful news. You are incredibly blessed and are doing such a great job raising your two little girls to love the Lord. Having twins will be a sweet addition to your already beautiful family.

Did you find out if they are girls or boys? The first time I was pregnant I didn't know what it was, I wanted to be surprised. That was fun, but after that I wanted to know so I could plan the clothes appropriately. We've had all girls, which makes hand-me-downs easy.

1:29 am  

Thankyou for all the kind comments. Yes we are very excited!

Dreamer- It's too early to find out the sex at this stage. Before now, I've never been interested in finding out. But as I'll be reorganizing space for 2, and since I've saved all our girly stuff. I will try to find out later on. If I have 2 boys coming, then I'll save any neutral stuff for them, I also want to save a few special outfits to go in our girls' glory boxes (hope chests) when they're older, the rest we'll give away... Of course if at least one is a girl,then we won't have to buy a lot at all.

1:43 pm  

Awesome! What a blessing! Can't wait to hear all about your upcoming adventure! Kim

3:57 pm  

That's exciting news! I've always thought that twins would be fun. =) A lot of work, but usually twins you meet have a great relationship with each other!

2:45 am  

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