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Friday, July 02, 2010

Living In The Moment

Do you Ever feel DRIVEN.. Pushed to hurry... I do a lot, I admit. It's a besetting sin of mine. Pushing mindlessly through the current task, even those involving my loved ones, just to get to the next item on my mental to -do list. I catch myself doing this all to often lately, and I've realised what an idol my mental clutter and to-do lists can be. I'm challenged- In these moments, whose agenda am I following? God's and His richness, or miine and its shallowness?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm more often than not the type to stop and smell the roses, to let the sunsets seep into my soul- my thoughts are at once lifted to behold the Majesty of our Creator, when my eyes meet His wonders. When I'm working alone, I meditate on His precepts, I'm abiding in Him... but once everyone is up, I seem to switch gears, and obsess on my to-do list. How many precious moments must I miss as I get caught in a flurry and try to HURRY???

Every so often I visit Ann Voskamp's beautiful and inspiring blog, Holy Experience. It's like streams of water flowing over one's soul. A place of beauty, inspiration, humility and conviction.Something usually connects and ministers to my spirit.Especially this recent post:"3 Ways To Rest Today (and Stop the Push) The Practice of Rest Pt 1"

LINK http://www.aholyexperience.com/2010/06/why-your-daily-push-practice-of-rest-pt.-html

This has deeply challenged my tendency to "be in a hurry". Slow my thoughts down, Lord, and when our household is at its noisiest, help me not to miss YOUR still small voice saying "This is the Way- walk ye in it" Amen.

PS There is a minor problem with the link. Just click on Holy Experience, and it is currently the second article in.

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