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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prayer Request

Hi, it's nearly 3.30am here in Australia, but if you are awake somewhere in blogland, and see this over the next couple of hours or so, would you please hold up my husband Max in prayer. He has just left in the ambulance for the hospital, to undergo another cardio-inversion. I''ve lost count now how many times this has happened, but it is in the 40s.

He's in the care of excellent paramedics, who phoned ahead to organize a bed in resuss. Once there he'll be given amiodorone to relax his heart muscle, then they'll cardio-invert him. Please pray for his safety during the procedure, and that I can manage to get a couple of hours sleep before I ring the ER to check on him.
Bless you

Thankyou sincerely for your prayers. Max will be discharged soon and his heart is beating normally (well normal for him!) again.


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