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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayers For Max, Please

Hi there. Just letting you know I had to send Max off in the ambulance again about 2.20pm for another cardio-inversion, and I ask that if you see this over the next few hours, if you would kindly pray for God's protection over him. I don't know what time it will be done, as Max was out having his quiet time when his heart jumped out of rhythm, and if he had lunch, they may want to fast him first, after he is stablised.

God is good. He was sitting in a cafe in our little village when it happened, and he managed to go downstairs to the car, rang me to order the ambulance, and managed to drive the short distance home safely AND get up our stairs.

Thank you for your prayers. We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this month, and have been going through these emergency situations for nearly 8 years now.
UPDATE: MAX is all fixed once again and should be home in a short while. Thankyou for your prayers.
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