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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Talitha Loves Horses!

Talitha and Max have just returned from a short holiday, down south to Melbourne, to catch up with Max's side of the family, and for Talitha, to see the sights and to have her first plane trip ever! Before they left, Max found out from a lady at our church, that there was going to be a big Equitana down there. So as we have a horse crazy daughter, this was added to the itinerary.

These beautiful pictures that Max took are from this event. Now before you see them, I just want to say- we don't own a horse, at this point Talitha doesn't even visit one regularly, though this will probably change sometime soon, as she now has a friend from church who has one. I wondered if she would be nervous getting up close to these beautiful beasts... Well she wasn't! I think she's going to be a natural!
PS The bottom shot is my favourite. She fell in love with this wild, unbroken Brumby.

Do you like her cowgirl outfit? She packed it especially for the horse show, and wore it sight-seeing all day. Enjoy the photos- Ah! How we love this precious, soon-to-be 9 years old, girl!

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