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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Simple Pleasure on a Mild Winter's Day

We are currently enjoying the last month of winter here in sunny Queensland. Queensland winters are very mild, though up in the hills where we live it gets very cold at night and in the early morning.

Today was a surprise... It started off cold as usual, and then by midday it felt like we'd suddenly skipped to summer!- very unseasonal...

I opened the window near me after lunch when I was washing the dishes, and I could hear my girls squealing with delight as they danced and played near our water tank. They had both shed their shoes and one of them waved and said happily, "Look Mama- we are playing in our feet!!!"

Perfectly priceless!!!


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I'm waiting for our summer's here to get unusually cold...I'm holding out hope. :)
Big Fat Mama

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