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Sunday, March 13, 2011

More prayers For Max, Please.

I'm requesting prayers again for my husband, Max, who is 46 years old and is on his way to hospital for his 46th cardio-inversion.

We had an extra-long wait for the ambulance to arrive, as there were none left at our local hospital, which is 10-15 minutes away, they had to wake someone up in a nearby town to come and get him, so his breathing was very laboured and he was very weak with the AF, by the time they arrived.

We covet your prayers that he will be attended to quickly at the ER, and that whoever is on, follows the standard directions for "fixing him" with his unique 3 heart defects.

Max is preaching at church today, so is keen to be fixed quickly- he's not one to sit around after a cardio-inversion. He's been known before to come out of hospital, and literally get up and preach with his dots and pads still on under his shirt.

Please pray too, that I may get a couple of hours sleep before ringing the hospital.

UPDATE: Max has just rang me, his heart is beating normally again, and he'll be discharged in about an hour. Thankyou for your prayers!
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