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Friday, July 28, 2006

For My Dad

My Dad grew up in the Australian bush. Growing up he taught us to be proud of our Australian heritage, & to love the things unique to our country. Today he continues on sharing his knowledge of bushcraft, plants & animals with his 2 little grand-daughters who adore their Poppy.
Dad you've given me so much I feel I have so little to give in return except my love & all the honour you deserve. I wrote this poem about 5 years ago & now I would like to dedicate it to you- a true Aussie.

God has blessed this land of of ours with treasures fine & rare,
With kangaroos & kookaburras, the cute koala bear.
From monkey mire, crystal clear, to the Daintree green & wild.
There's a heart of joy & thankfulness in this Australian child.

We have Ularu & mountains blue, such wonders to behold.
White gum trees in the evening breeze, & desert sands of gold
But the greatest wonder , I believe, hangs in our southern skies,
The Southern Cross- 5 stars of gold-
A picture of world history told...

Long ago, upon a tree, Jesus died for you & me.
The crown of thorns upon His head , was not the only place he bled.
They pierced His hands & pierced His feet- The cross became the mercy seat.
Blood 'n' water flowed from His side, on the cross where Jesus died...

Aussies we are priveledged to have this up above,
A glowing great reminder of God & His great love,
His mercy never-ending, His forgiveness always there,
For any hardened Aussie, who opens up in prayer.

I love you, Dad.
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