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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Christian Music has been a Blessing to You Lately?

Have you been especially blessed by something in your CD collection lately? Please write & share about it with us here.
We haven't bought anything new for ages, but I find I'm playing some old favourites a lot lately:-
-Hymns of Faith & Songs of Inspiration- Sandi Patty
-Peace in the Valley- The Complete Gospel Recordings of Elvis Presley
-Unfailing Love-the Watershed Project - Geoff Bullock
-Revival in Belfast- Robin Mark
& 2 my husband brought back from Malaysia-A Song in the Night & Intimacy both by Pastor KB Chan. My husband is friends with Pastor KB. He is a real miracle man. He has NO kidneys! They are beautiful worship CD's & have been a great blessing to our home.

Can any other hymn lovers out there recommend some good hymn CD's? I've listened to a few at our local Christian Bookstore, but don't always like the recordings.
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We love hymns too and have found some great cds by Harvest Baptist Bible Institute. We bought them locally but see that you can order them through their church's website.

Here are some sample links for you from their website:



Hope you like them! We have both cds!


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