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Monday, July 31, 2006

Lessons from Bambi

I'm generally not into Disney movies, especially ones from the last 10 years or so, but there's a handful of really old ones that I really like for the good family values they promote- one such is the original Bambi.
I don't have a real problem with talking animals in children's fantasy, if they can convey good lessons to children's everyday lives & I find that so with Bambi.
I find the whole film a good picture of Judeo-Christian values. Here's what I like:
-Bambi's mother& Thumper's mother both speak nothing but respectfully of their "husbands" & reinforce to their children, what their father's instructions are,
-The children(animals) respect their parents.(I've seen Bambi 2 & didn't like it for the opposite reason.)
-The community is multi-generational. Friend owl must be very old & wise. He is revered from the very oldest to the very youngest.
-New life is eagerly anticipated & celebrated by the entire community.
-Friends are friends for life. They don't move on for the sake of it. Thumper's, Flower's & Bambi's children would all grow up together.
-They respected & trusted their leader. I know this is not always possible in some countries, nevertheless it is a reminder to always pray for those in authority.
-Bambi's coming-of-age & the courage shown as he defended & protected Faline. He also still heeded the voice of his father to GET UP! & this saved him from the forest fire. How many young men today disregard the voice of their fathers on the road to maturity & sadly pay for the consequences.
-and lastly Bambi's mother. Two things stand out to me. She never raised her voice at Bambi. She just stood firm. This reminds me of "The Law of Kindness" in Proverbs 31. Lastly? She laid down her life for her child...
This movie speaks volumes to me as a Christian mum. I believe it's a great film to watch together as a family.
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