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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baby Moses is Hiding Under the Dining Table

Do your children like to play out Bible stories? Mine do. One of their favourites is Baby Moses. It's so sweet to watch. One of them will grab the baby doll, put it in a baby bath with a copy of the Baby Moses story,(thrown in for good measure) & crawl under the dining table. (The chair legs make great bulrushes when you're 4 & 2.)
Talitha will start, "Shhhh- I'm Miriam. I'm hiding Baby Moses. Oh Look- Here comes a pretty princess."
Zara will say something like, "What's that over there ? Maid- Go get that basket!" Zara becomes the maid for a minute & crawls under the table, fetches the basket & becomes the Princess again, oohing & aahing over the baby.
Talitha hurries out from under the table,"Do you need a nurse for your baby?"
"Yes,I do." says Princess Zara.
Then suddenly, yours truly, who's been relaxing with a cuppa enjoying the scene, becomes an active participant, with a baby to nurse!
Then the girls swapped roles & played the scene all over again. After all, Talitha deserves to have a turn at being a pretty Princess too!
I wouldn't trade my girls for anything. It's my prayer as they grow older that they'll choose to hide God's Word in their hearts, with the same delight they take in hiding Baby Moses under the dining table.
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What a sweet story. I can just imagine little girls acting this Bible story. It's funny that my daugheter Hannah, who's only 2, also loves the baby Moses story. Of course she's not quite big enough to tell it back to me. I guess all little girls are fascinated with babies and princesses. :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog.

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