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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

It's Fathers Day today here in Australia-a wonderful opportunity to honour & pay tribute to the men in our lives, who have loved us, guided us, provided for us & blessed us in so many ways. I know my Dad still does. I recently posted a tribute to my wonderful Dad on this blog-"For My Dad"-It's in the archives if you'd like to read it.

Today, I'd especially like to pay tribute to my wonderful husband, Max, who is a terrific Dad to Talitha & Zara.

Darling, what would I do without you? You catch my slack as I sometimes get muddled in the details of life & somehow make everything work out fine. For your leadership as head of the home- I thank you. For the delight you bring to our children's eyes, when you come home with unexpected surprises. For the laughter you bring. For the tickle fights. For your unselfishness-the chi ldren always come first. For caring for the children & me & the house when I've been recovering post-partum. For your soothing voice we hear on the phone when you are away ministering overseas & for your covering of prayer, whether you are home or away. I just love watching you being Daddy, whether you are correcting them with a raise of the eyebrows or pushing them in the swing. I am honoured to be married to such a man & blessed to be the Mummy of our children.

God Bless you , Darling. Happy Father's Day!!! & Happy Birthday for tomorrow!I love you!
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