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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Little Girl's Compassion

Like everyone the world over, we were shocked & saddened at the news of Steve Irwin's tragic death. Unlike everyone the world over, we live just up the road from Australia Zoo. Steve was our "famous neighbour" we had never met- we'd never even visited the zoo. We are'nt even among the many locals who have met Terri & the children shopping, or who grew up with Steve through high school, & yet we "feel " we know the Irwins, & our hearts go out to that little ordinary family, grieving up the road.

They are in our thoughts & fervent prayers. Our little 4 year old, Talitha has never met or seen Bindi Irwin. She's always been fascinated by the little girl who lived up the road with the wild animals, who helped her Daddy at the zoo. We helped her pray for the Irwin children the night of the tragedy. The following morning, she fished through her collection of Australian animal toys, came out with a little crocodile & said, "Daddy, may I take this for Bindi? Her Daddy's dead."And so like many others, Talitha left her gift of love & compassion at Australia Zoo. You may have seen a little soft toy crocodile shown on the news. I saw it shown several times & each time I saw my daughter's heart & compassion for another child who doesn't have a Daddy anymore...
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That was very tragic and unfortunate. You have raised a compassionate and tenderhearted little girl. She’s precious!! May the Lord bless her, and your entire beautiful family.

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