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Saturday, September 02, 2006

More on Humility

I am currently reading "Humility" by Andrew Murray & am finding it a great blessing as well as very convicting.

Quote: How much of the spirit of the meek & lowly Lamb of God do we see around us, in those who are called by His name? Think about how all the lack of love, the indifference to the needs, feelings, & weaknesses of others, the sharp & hasty judgements & utterances so often excused by our cries of being upright & honest, the manifestations of temper & irritation, the bitterness & estrangement, have their root in pride. Pride seeks only itself.

Devlish pride creeps in almost everywhere. What would happen if believers were to become permanently guided by the humility of Jesus? Oh, for the humility of Jesus in myself & everyone around me! We must honestly fix our hearts on our own lack of the humility revealed in Christ's life. Only then will we begin to feel what Christ & His salvation truly are.

by Andrew Murray
posted by Father's Grace Ministries at 2:40 pm


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