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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Father's Love Letter

If you haven't ever seen it before, we would like to offer you the opportunity to view "Father's Love Letter". It is a beautifully arranged multi-media presentation that will really touch your heart & bless you mightily.

We have found through our ministry that alot of people for varying reasons, have trouble relating to God as Abba Father, their heavenly Daddy. With the permission of this ministry of Fathers Love Letter we are now making it available for all those Father sends to us at Fathers Grace Ministries for it is what we too are called to minister to the modern day Church. This presentation will help you realize how much he loves you. Play it through a couple of times so it sinks deep into your spirit. It may help you to write down the scripture references given so you can look them up in your own bible & meditate on God's truths in your quiet time.

Just click on Multimedia on the list on the right of my blog.

We hope you are blessed by it, just as we have been.
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