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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Important Thing is Being There

In perusing the latest edition of Above Rubies magazine, I was greatly impressed by 2 sentences from the Australia & New Zealand report: "Remember, the children in your homes will one day be the fathers & mothers in the nation. Each child who lives in a home where there's a mother, lives in a very priveledged place at this time in history."

This blew me away! We are a dying breed!- though I'm hoping to do my part to change this by my blog. Just think, so many Mum's & Dad's both work these days, that our children are priveledged just to have us there!!

Let me encourage you Mums, if you're having a "bad" day & yes we all have them. You are doing the first right thing, just by "being there". There may be toys all over the floor, the dishes not done, but you may be puting that aside because the children need admonishing, discipline or just Mummy time. If they are squabbling you are right there to pray for wisdom & deal with it in the right way. You might have a really bad day where you "lose it" & yell at them- we've all done it... Just turn your bad example into a good example & display humility by asking their forgiveness ( of course never excuse their naughtiness that pushed you in the first place.)

Whether you home school or school away from home, nothing is more important than having Mother there. If anything, if you have children at school, the older they get, the more they need you there, to discuss the temptations & challenges of the day. My decision to stay home for my children's sake, doesn't rest on financial security- it's a sacrifice in some ways to try to live frugally as my Grandparents did & I'm still learning- but it's FUN- and our children are so worth it. I can't afford NOT to stay home.
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Thanks for saying hello on my blog. Nice to meet you too. I'll be checking out your blog now. It's great to know more like-minded christian moms. I thought this post was great. :)

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