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Monday, February 19, 2007

Christian Commercialism Gone Mad...

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there feel disgruntled these days browsing through a Christian bookstore?

Each time we've gone over the last few years or so, we've bought less & less, but spent much longer browsing, digging for gold beneath the dross. I think the thing that annoys me most is how "worldly" everything (music, magazines & books) appears on the covers. The Christian product industry sadly seems to be following the trend of many of the contempory churches that seem to think that if they appear more wordly, they'll attract more of the unsaved. This is such a sad misinterpretation of scripture. Sure, the Apostle Paul says to be "all things to all men", but he doesn't say become something - wordly- that the rest of the New Testament warns us against!!

Many Christians today have it all the wrong way round! All we have to do is love one another in word & deed & lift up the name of Jesus; then He will draw them in by love to hear the gospel-the Real Gospel that is... Not "Come out the front-repeat this watered down prayer after me & Jesus will give you a wonderful life or solve all your problems!!"

I can't bring myself to purchase Zondervan products, anymore now that I know that Rupert Murdoch owns the company- I feel like I'm indirectly supporting the porn industry, he has his fingers in so many pies. Incidentally, Murdoch also owns Harper Collins who publish the Satanic Bible!

Maybe I'm just being picky, but do we really need all these Bible Translations(?) with funky covers, when so many people the world over don't even own 1 decent copy of God's Word? The bright designs even make me wonder if some people these days are ashamed to be seen carrying a plain book with "Holy Bible" written on it.Now you can even coordinate your Bible with your church clothes if you wish!! At least the KJV's are getting cheaper- hardly anyone seems to buy them anymore. (Yes, I wouldn't recommend any other translation if I was asked-I believe the manuscripts of the Textus Receptus are far more trustworthy than any by Westcott & Hort.And if you have trouble with your English skills, there's no better way to improve them than by studying the King James or at least by reading it alongside your current translation.) For more information on the Bible Text debate go to www.trinitarianbiblesociety.org their information is very sound & they send KJV's where rquested throughout the world.

Does anyone else feel frustrated by all the "Purpose Driven" stuff? They don't seem very biblically sound to me & I've heard said that some churches throughout the world today seem more Purpose Driven than Bible Based & Holy Spirit led. It's made a lot of money though. And remember "The Prayer of Jabez" & all the paraphenalia that accompanied it? I never bothered spending the money on it as God's revelation on it to me through His Word, the Bible, was sufficient ...

Surely Christian Dollars can be better spent than on crazes & Fads. I wonder if we've come along way or not in the last 100 years? Are our Christian walks stronger or not? Have all these new Bible Versions spurred a genuine revival?

Just think that going back in time, all many Christian families had was a KJV , The Pilgrims Progress & a Hymnal & maybe a concordance or depending on denomination, a catechism book or two. They would have been well used...Are we really better off? What are your thoughts?
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Amen, and Amen, Claire. Your posts are always so refreshing to read. What can I say, you summed up everything so well.

In Montreal, there aren’t too many Christian bookstores, and the ones we have are so modern, it’s almost fake Christianity. Last year, I went to New York City to visit my aunt, and I figured there are much better chances in finding good Christian books, and KJV Bibles in The US than up here, but sadly, even everything there was disturbing. They were all into the purpose driven life, modern bible translations, and what I found most appalling is that they had books by Joel Osteen on display. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, but his teachings are false and absolutely wicked.

Anyways, just wanted to thank you for telling it how it is! I just love your blog, Claire.

11:53 am  

I haven't had that much to do with Joel Osteen, Sarah, but I do know he's "Word of Faith"-very unbalanced & off-beam.When I was younger in the Lord, I watched a bit of that sort of stuff on TV. They'd say"You gotta get into the Word!" So I did & found out they were wrong!!!
I recently saw on a you-tube clip off a good Christian website,several well-known Christian leaders being interviewed on the Larry King show-Joel Osteen included.When faced with the question "would the Heathen go to hell?" He beat around the bush & wouldn't quote Scripture.The only minister who clearly quoted the Bible was John Macarthur.

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