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Monday, January 29, 2007

Feeling Very Domesticated

Now that the new school year has begun, my days are becoming much more structured again. I'm back into making new cleaning routines & working out what "projects" I can work on, now that one of my 2 children is in school again.Catching up on puting photos in order & in albums is high priority at the moment. (I'm way behind- I'm currently up to the birth of my 3 year old!). Mending time is also something that needs to be schedualed. Some of our children's soft toys are in need of some TLC & while my husband appreciates a holy atmosphere in the home, holey socks are another story!!!

We've been in our new home since last November, and so I'm keen to get the last of our pictures framed & hung & the last of our junk boxes sorted & stored properly. We all love our new roomy house & I'm very keen to make this one a real home- we're in no hurry to move again! Our gardens have been neglected 10 years we've found out. My husband is a keen gardener & has been doing a lot of preliminary work like digging up noxious weeds. We have lovely tiered garden beds, that have a lot of potential- I can't wait to see them full of flowers.( I find myself longing for the same kinds of flowers my Grandparents had- eg. hydrangers- Is this a sign of getting older, or just the nostalgia that comes from living in a house built during the era of my childhood??)

My main purpose in becoming more schedualed, is to maximize time with Talitha, once she is home from school. Christian schools start earlier & finish slightly later than State schools & since we have a 25 minute drive home, this is important to me.

For example, if we are having a simple meal of meat & vegetables for dinner, if I peel the veges in the morning after cleaning up after breakfast, then that's more time for reading stories & cuddling in the afternoon- one of our favourite pastimes. So that's the type of thing I'm trying to achieve. It is my hope to become so organized, that the house is clean & tidy most of the time, so that I'm free to extend hospitality, when required & my family is happy and content. That's my goal-I'm still on the journey!!

Being a Stay At Home Mum is no bludge, that's for sure!! The Bible calls my occupation a "keeper at Home"-and it's a full-time job!!!I believe it takes more education, intelligence & skill than any paid employment- the more you have, the more you can impart into your family & the more they can impact the world. So right now, I'm feeling very domesticated & am a very happy housewife!!
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Claire, you are too cute!

I really commend you for being a "Stay At Home Mum". I think that is the greatest honor a woman could have. You are investing in your children and in your family!

4:16 am  

Hello Claire!
Long time no see! I am so glad that God has used Max in a mighty way to spread God's Word around the globe.Both of you have been such a blessing to us & if you feel the need to come visit then,my door is open to you.Steph will be 6 in march & she's doing great.She really loves school & I am trully blessed with such a beautiful little girl.

Well,I must sign off now & please look after yourselves.

God Bless,
Rose,Dave & Stephanie

9:35 pm  

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